ALLEVYN™ Thin Absorbent Dressing, Silicone Gel Adhesive with Border Sterile - 4" x 4" - Box of 10

  • Sterile
  • Flexible and highly conformable
  • Waterproof, allows for bathing and showering
  • Semi-transparent film, allowing for monitoring of the wound
  • Easily shaped to fit awkward areas

The ALLEVYN™ Thin Absorbent Dressing is a flexible and conformable sterile wound dressing designed to manage wounds with low to moderate exudate, such as minor burns and abrasions, donor sites, partial thickness wounds, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, and post-operative wounds. The Dressings provides a barrier between the skin and the surrounding environment to prevent bacteria and other infectants from permeating the wound area. This minimizes the risk of secondary infection and bacterial contamination.

It is easily shaped to fit awkward areas, will comfortably hug the contours of the boys and is pliable enough bend with body movement, thus enhancing patient comfort and reducing the need for changes.

The Dressing is sterile.

The features and benefits of the ALLEVYN™ Thin Absorbent Dressing include:

  • It is self-adhesive
  • Flexible and highly conformable
  • Waterproof
  • Maintains a moist wound environment
  • Aids in prevention of bacterial contamination
  • Permeable to oxygen and water vapor
  • Sticks well to dry, intact skin
  • Does not adhere to the wound
  • Semi-transparent film
  • Allows for monitoring of the wound
  • Removes need for a secondary dressing
  • Easily shaped to fit awkward areas
  • May help reduce the risk of secondary infection.
  • It enables the patient to bathe and shower.
  • Helps to minimize the risk of maceration

We recommend that you do not use these dressings on wounds with exposed muscle, bone or tendon or where a risk of drying out exists or where the surrounding skin is damaged or sensitive.

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