Allevyn Hydrocellular Foam Dressing

  • For use on partial to full thickness wounds, including pressure ulcers and burns

  • Non-adhesive, therefore recommended for wounds surrounded by sensitive skin

  • Breathable film layer helps maintain moist wound environment

  • Conformable and can be cut to size

Allevyn Non-Adhesive dressing is designed for use on partial to full thickness wounds. Some typical wounds include: ulcers, pressure sores, donor sites, surgical incisions, and first and second degree burns. Since this dressing is not adhesive, it is recommended for wounds surrounded by sensitive skin, such as venous ulcers.

Allevyn wound dressings have a highly absorbent hydrocellular layer and a waterproof, breathable film layer that work to create and maintain a moist wound environment.

This wound dressing is conformable and can be cut to suit various wound shapes, sizes and locations. The lack of adhesive allows the use of the most suitable retention method (e.g. OPSITE film dressing). Allevyn Non-Adhesive can stay in place for up to 7 days.

Precautions: Do not use Allevyn dressings with oxidizing agents, such as hypochlorite solutions (e.g. Dakins) or hydrogen peroxide. Do not use this dressing on 3rd degree burns.

MANUFACTURER Smith and Nephew
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 2x2", 4x4", 6x6", 8x8"
MANUFACTURER Item Code 66007643, 66007643, 66007643, 66007643