DuoDERM® CGF® Sterile Dressing

  • Hydrocolloid, moisture-retentive wound dressing

  • Used for partial to full-thickness wounds with exudate

  • Protects against bacteria and viruses

  • Sterile and latex-free

DuoDERM® CGF® Control Gel Formula Dressing is an adhesive (hydrocolloid) wound contact dressing used for moderately to heavily exuding wounds, including pressure ulcers (Stage II-IV), leg ulcers, rashes, and burns.

The adhesive layer on this dressing contains polymers which enhance the dressing’s ability to contain wound exudate by forming a cohesive gel. The self adherent dressing absorbs wound fluid and provides a moist environment and aid in the removal of unnecessary material from the wound (autolytic debridement) without damaging new tissue.

DuoDerm CGF Control Gel Formula Dressing may be used alone or in combination with other wound care products as directed by your healthcare professional. DuoDerm CGF Control Gel Formula Dressing acts as a barrier to the wound against bacterial, viral and other external contamination. The dressing has been shown in laboratory experiments to block the passage of bacteria and viruses.

Often recommended by dermatologists, DuoDerm CGF dressings can be left in place for several days. The dressing can be cut to size and is flesh-colored to blend in with skin.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 4x4", 6x6", 6x8", 8x8"
MANUFACTURER Item Code 187660, 187661, 187662, 187643