Hypafix Dressing Retention Rolls

  • Adhesive, non-woven fabric for dressing retention

  • Provides reliable fixation for catheters and drainage tubes

  • Allows joints to be dressed without constraining movement

  • Flexible, can be cut to size, and sticks on securely

Hypafix tape is an adhesive, non-woven fabric for dressing retention. Hypafix can be used to retain gauze, absorbent pads, post-operative wound dressings, and bandages, as well as to secure catheters, drainage tubes, cannulas, and glucose scanners.

Hypafix dressing tape is a very popular and effective wound care product. This adhesive tape won't irritate the skin and works well on sensitive skin types. The adhesive is reliable and stays in place, even on the bottom of your feet and while damp.

Upon removal, Hypafix tape won't leave any sticky residue. The tape can easily be lifted up and won't pull on the skin.

Hypafix dressing tape is conformable and can be cut to size. One roll goes a long way!

MANUFACTURER Smith and Nephew
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 2 x 10 yard; 4 x 10 yard; 6 x 10 yard; 4 x 2 yard; 6 x 2 yard roll
MANUFACTURER Item Code 4209, 4210, 4211, 4216, 4217