Mepitel® Non-Adherent Silicone Dressing - 4" x 7" - Box of 10

Mepitel is designed for a wide range of traumatic wounds such as skin tears, abrasions, second degree burns and chronic wounds as well as for fixation of grafts. Due to the Safetac properties, Mepitel is especially suitable for painful wounds and wounds with compromised or fragile surrounding skin.

HCPCS: A6206, A6207, A6208

Thin and conformable self-adherent, bordered foam dressing featuring Safetac® soft silicone technology. Absorbs exudate effectively and minimizes the risk of periwound skin maceration and erosion. The film backing is moisture vapor permeable, waterproof, and provides a bacterial barrier. Indicated for non- to low-exuding wounds, painful wounds, and wounds with compromised or fragile periwound skin such as abrasions, cuts, blisters, finger injuries, and traumatic skin tears.

HCPCS: A6212, A6213
MANUFACTURER Item Code 291099