Mini Comp Compressor Nebulizer System (Without Tote Bag)

  • Lightweight and easy to transport with built-in carrying handle
  • Delivers effective and efficient aerosol medication
  • Powerful piston pump
  • Comes complete with compressor, angled mouthpiece, nebulizer cup, 7" tubing, 5 air filters, and optional canvas carrying bag available
  • Ideal for all ages
    The MiniComp Compressor Nebulizer Kit delivers effective and efficient aerosol medication therapy. The compressors piston pump is built for quality and durability for years of reliable treatments. It features a built-in handle for portability, non-slip pads to ensure unit will rest securely on any flat surface, and dependable treatments every time. This nebulizer system is ideal for any age.
    WARRANTY Five-year limited warranty
    PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 7-1/4" x 7" x 4-3/4"
    MANUFACTURER Item Code 40-125-000